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Calgary Frozen Shoulder – Why do I Address Frozen Shoulder on my Website?

One of my Favorite Conditions
I have devoted an entire page on my website to treating frozen shoulder because, odd as this may sound, it is one of my favourite conditions to treat and is something that I am passionate about helping patients with.


Frozen Shoulder is Debilitating
Frozen shoulder (also known as adhesive capsulitis) is a very debilitating ailment, and is probably one of the most difficult musculoskeletal disorders that I treat in my Calgary office.

Limiting and Painful Condition
Because frozen shoulder is such a limiting and painful condition, I used to find it very challenging to help patients suffering from it. As a result, I have devoted many years of my continuing education to learning techniques specifically related to shoulder conditions (including other problems as well, such as tendonitis, mild tears, some impingement conditions, and overall weakness).

Frozen Shoulder – Calgary
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My Own Frozen Shoulder Treatment
Throughout my many educational years, and several years of techniques trials, I have carefully formulated a frozen shoulder treatment system where I utilize Trigenics, Graston Techniques, and low force adjusting to the glenohumeral joint and cervical spine. My approach is different with each patient, as I evaluate which muscles and joints I need to work on and it often varies according to each patient’s situation.

What Is a Frozen Shoulder?

If you are looking at this page then chances are that you already have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder by a professional and are looking for alternative treatments to help you heal and return to your everyday life. Let me share with you a bit of background, based on my experiences with learning and treatment.

“Adhesive capsulitis” (as frozen shoulder is formally called) is a painful set of symptoms that causes stiffening and soreness around your glenohumeral joint. It starts off more as diffuse joint pain and then intensifies with time, making it difficult to sleep on the affected side, raise your arm, and eventually it greatly limits any activities that require sudden ranges of motion. It can last for any amount of time, but the typical ranges are around six months to two years, though it varies for each person.

Three General Stages
There are three general stages for frozen shoulder:

1: The beginning stage, called the ‘freezing stage’, where the pain begins to become a noticeable issue.

2: The middle, or ‘frozen’ stage, where the joint is very stiff, painful, and limited in ranges of motion.

3: The end stage, known as the ‘thawing phase’, where the symptoms start to lift and people gradually regain their life.

Specific Information Regarding Treatment Recommendations, Treatment Frequency and Insurance Options Related to Frozen Shoulder Patients.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment Recommendations
Frozen shoulder treatment times vary between 15-30 minutes, depending upon the severity of your condition and the number of procedures that we need to implement.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment Frequency
The treatment frequency that I typically recommend is twice a week, since I believe that patients need a rest to recover in between visits (most patients are fairly sore post treatment). For severe cases, however, I have pushed the frequency to three times a week to ensure optimal results. Again, this is not what I usually do.

It is just fine if you can only come once a week, but I must stress that your results will be slower and it may be necessary to bump up to two visits if you are not seeing results.

Please note that I do not perform Dr. Austin’s OAT procedure under anesthesia. I am not trained to do this, although I do get asked, so I am clear and up-front that they are not the same treatments.

Frozen Shoulder Insurance Options
If you have chiropractic insurance on a private health plan then you will most likely be covered for your visits. Please note that it will be your responsibility to check this prior to your arrival at our clinic since privacy legislation prevents is from calling the insurance company on your behalf.

We are happy to direct bill on your behalf if you have the following insurance companies:

– Great West Life

– Alberta Blue Cross

– Sunlife

– Manulife (Manulife often requires you to register for this service online before we can direct bill)

– Greenshield

– And a few other companies. Please enquire regarding direct billing with our staff prior to our visit.

Please also note that if you are over the age of 65 that you do have 8 visits of $25.00 provided to you by the Provincial Alberta Blue Cross coverage available to seniors (which runs from July to July). Please remember bring in your cards for your visit.

I charge $48.00 per treatment to clear up the costs, and I would estimate that the average case needs anywhere from 10 to 20 treatments. It is quite variable, so I really can not gauge the frequency of frozen should treatments needed until I have met with you and we have begun with treatment.

The Final (and Most Important) Piece of Information… Our Frozen Shoulder Treatment Success Rates.

This is what each patient who calls me really wants to know, and I am quite happy to tell you they are actually very high. I am proud to say that get very good results with these patients. I would roughly estimate it is as high as 90 percent.

I will be honest though, this treatment is not for everyone and I have had some patients that I have directed to try gentler approaches, but for the most part patients do very well if they follow their treatment plans and recommendations that I make for homecare.

If you are suffering from frozen shoulder I encourage you to call the clinic at (403) 313-7123 and book an appointment, or leave a message with our staff if you have further questions and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

I am very passionate about this condition and would love to help you in your goals to heal. I hope that you found this page informative.

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Dr. Tara has been a godsend for me! Having had issues with my back for many years, I’ve never had the long term results prior to seeing her that I now have. I’ve seen other chiropractors and had other treatments. She introduced me to Trigenics as part of my treatments and honestly has not felt this amazing in a very, very long time. If you’re looking for a caring genuine and friendly chiropractor I would definitely recommend Tara as the chiropractor for you to see!
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