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Health Insurance and The Healing Bridge

It is more and more common to see chiropractic, massage therapy, trigenics and Graston treatments being covered by employer-provided extended health insurance plans.  This is because employers know these types of care can be essential to maintaining a certain quality of life. They are all efficient, quick and affordable ways of getting rid of pain and getting back to work. They are much less costly than physiotherapy and pain medications, and typically bring results much more quickly.  We strongly believe that even if treatments like chiropractic are not covered by insurance, the cost of care is a small price to pay for the benefits you’ll receive.

Direct Insurance Billing at The Healing Bridge

The Healing Bridge is very sensitive to the needs of our patients and we want to make it as convenient as possible for you to attend our clinic.  We understand finances can make it difficult, so we offer direct billing to insurance whenever possible. Please present your card to us at your appointment and we will do our best to submit the claim for you.  We also provide direct billing for all motor vehicle accident claims and worker’s compensation claims – read more information on the types of coverage included in these claims and their process on their respective pages.

Chiropractic Insurance Coverage

Chiropractic care is covered by insurance in most instances. The Healing Bridge offers direct billing for chiropractic insurance plans through Alberta Blue Cross, Green Shield, Great West Life, Sun Life, Desjardins, Standard Life and Johnson.  While Alberta Health Care no longer provides coverage for Chiropractic treatments citing coverage by private health insurance, the federal government has re-instated chiropractic benefits for seniors over the age of 65.  All seniors receive $200 worth of care per year (renews each July) at $25 per visit.

Massage Therapy Insurance Coverage

Massage therapy completed by a registered massage therapist is also typically covered by most private health insurers. We provide direct billing for massage therapy for Alberta Blue Cross,Great West Life, Sunlife, Manulife and Green Shield extended health plans, and for motor vehicle accident claims. Please check your benefits plan to see if you need a prescription from a Medical Doctor to be covered under your plan, and obtain that prescription prior to your appointment.

Graston & Trigenics Insurance Coverage

Trigenics and Graston treatments are usually classified as chiropractic care and therefore covered by some private insurance companies. The Healing Bridge offers direct billing for Graston and Trigenics under chiropractic insurance coverage provided by Alberta Blue Cross, Green Shield, Great West Life, Sun Life, Desjardins, Standard Life and Johnson extended health plans.

Orthotics Insurance Coverage

Health insurance coverage for orthotics is pretty common with most providers. At this time, insurance companies typically do not allow direct billing for orthotic claims due to the paper work involved for this type of a submission.  We will be happy to assist you with directions on how to submit an orthotics claim.

Important Insurance Information

In the event that your company does not accept a claim through direct billing, we will bill you directly.  In addition, please note we cannot contact your insurance company to obtain information on your policy coverage levels due to privacy laws.  It is best you check this first, and come informed about what your coverage is as all plans are different.  For patients not eligible for direct billing, insurance claim forms can typically be obtained through your employer or online, and submitted through mail or online. In these cases we will provide you with full receipts and ensure all necessary information is included.

Need to know whether a chiropractor is covered by your health insurance? Or whether massage or other treatments at The Healing Bridge are covered? Contact us today.

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