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Calgary Trigenics at The Healing Bridge

Trigenics Myoneural Medicine is a trigger point therapy designed to complement other therapies to gain immediate pain relief and healing throughout the body. It incorporates a component of three trigger point release styles: Western, Ancient and Manual. It is the specific skillful combination of these three components that makes Trigenics particularly and immediately effective.

The three main components of Trigenics are applied pressure to a myopoint (also referred to as a pressure or trigger point) by the practitioner, muscle activation by the patient against the practitioner’s resistance, and autogenic breathing exercises by the patient.

Exclusive Provider of Trigenics in Calgary

The training for Trigenics pressure point therapy is very extensive and, as a result, there are very few people who practice Trigenics in Calgary. This gives The Healing Bridge’s patients an advantage as they can rest assured their care includes the latest in trigger point release techniques available.

Benefits of Trigenics Trigger Point Therapy

Trigenics pressure point therapy can be used over the entire body. It allows for deeper treatments earlier in the rehabilitative process and without the pain that can sometimes be associated with other soft tissue rehabilitation modalities. Therefore, it can achieve positive results in fewer treatments and address conditions that may not respond to other therapies.

Trigenics is a low-force technique and can be utilized on all ages and conditions, for those who are in pain, and for people who are very limited in mobility.

Trigenics is a preferred treatment of many professional athletes, and many of our patients who have tried numerous different treatment styles and respond the best to Trigenics.

Trigenics Pressure Point Therapy

After Trigenics trigger point release, patients do feel some tenderness and soreness in the muscles, similar to the discomfort common after massage therapy. Most patients at The Healing Bridge find this discomfort is limited to the time of the treatment itself and feel immediate relief following the procedure.

Fees For Trigenics Treatments at The Healing Bridge

  • First Visit: $90
  • Subsequent Visits – Adults: $48
  • Subsequent Visits – Students & Seniors: $38

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Our whole family ages 23 to 93 have benefited from trigenics treatments. From shoulders and wrists to low back and hips we have found this non-invasive treatment to work wonders.
John, Judy, Stephanie, Michelle and Betty – Trigenics patients
Dr. Tara has been a godsend for me! Having had issues with my back for many years, I’ve never had the long term results prior to seeing her that I now have. I’ve seen other chiropractors and had other treatments. She introduced me to Trigenics as part of my treatments and honestly has not felt this amazing in a very, very long time. If you’re looking for a caring genuine and friendly chiropractor I would definitely recommend Tara as the chiropractor for you to see!
Shannen G. – Trigenics patient