Motor Vehicle Claims

Motor Vehicle Collision Injury Claims

Important changes have been made to Alberta’s Insurance Act Regulations. As part of these changes, new protocols have been established for the diagnosis and treatment of minor injuries associated with motor vehicle collisions. Under Alberta’s new auto insurance system, if you’re injured in a motor vehicle collision, you have greater access to early medical intervention to help you to recover quickly. The overriding objective of the new legislation is to ensure that people who are injured in collisions receive fast and effective treatment to support their recovery. Prior to the changes in the Insurance Act Regulations, individuals who were injured in a motor vehicle collisions required approval from their insurer’s medical advisor before treatment and/or rehabilitation could begin. This could cause delays and disagreements over the type and extent of treatment required. Early diagnosis and treatment is known to speed up recovery and help individual’s return to work and their normal activities of daily life.

What Steps Do I Take If I Have Been In A Collision?

Call the Clinic

Call the clinic and make an appointment. If your injury is a sprain, strain or minor whiplash injury, your health care provider does not need authorization from your insurer for the first 12 weeks of treatment and the clinic will bill the insurer directly.


File the appropriate forms (AB1 patient form) with your insurer if you have a minor injury. (For other injuries you have 30 days).

Injury Report

File an injury report with the police

Frequent Questions

What Treatments are Beneficial for Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury that occurs when the body is involved in a quick acceleration-deceleration, which results in sprain and strains to the muscles and joints of the body. We have a number of treatments that will assist you if you have whiplash, including chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, Trigenics and physiotherapy. We often recommend a combination of these to ensure you have the best possible results.

Will I Always Have Symptoms From a Collision?

Clinical studies demonstrate that early treatment is one of the key factors in the progress of a patient. Don’t wait to see if your symptoms will resolve on their own as symptoms often become progressively worse over time. Get examined immediately following your injury so you can begin treatment as soon as possible.

Who Will Pay For The Treatment?

The insurance company will cover the necessary costs to ensure that you receive the proper care that you need to recover, even if you are the one at fault for the collision. Please do not delay treatment on the basis of financial concerns, as this is often what occurs, and results in a longer recovery periods.